Know How is Tennis Scored and Master the Court Game

Know How is Tennis Scored and Master the Court Game

by John

Do you by any chance are fond of the game of tennis? Tennis is thrilling, and all tennis fans must agree with us here. Right? However, to have the exact idea of how tennis is scored is the real skill to pick here. While you enthusiastically play the game of tennis, you must have always known all about the game, most importantly, the tennis matches. Let us take an example of understanding the game rules, such as how many games in a set of tennis are there.

Similarly, winning a tennis set for dummies is crucial. If you’re not completely aware of how the knows and how’s of a ball game, you won’t be able to completely immerse yourself in this court play. If you’re not clear about the scoring system in this game, keep all your worries aside and explore with us. Hence, let us pick that tennis racket and ball up and serve!

A view of a tennis scoring board system

How is Tennis Scored

Just like you need to know about the diameter of a tennis ball that earns you a point, learning the scoring is also essential. A unique scoring system is there in tennis for games, sets, and matches. The fundamental ideas are 15, 30, 40, game, and love (zero). When both players score forty on the scoreboard, the game is to be in deuce, and the winner is the one who wins two straight points. Following the deuce, the winning player’s advantage point comes next. To win a set, a player must win six games or more with a two-game margin. A tiebreak is there if there is a tie after six games apiece in the set. The usual format for a match is a best of three or five sets. You’ll be able to follow and appreciate the game more if you understand the terminology and the structure. Let us explain the tennis scoring system more closely.

A view of a tennis scoreboard with players names

Scoring the Tennis Game with a Point System

To know how tennis is scored you need to see tennis scores using a special system. Let’s look at the figures now.

  • Love with 0 points
  • 15 points to one
  • 2 Points equals 30.
  • Three points is forty
  • Score tied = All 40-40 = Deuce
  • Deuce points you give to the server (Ad-In) and the receiver (Ad-Out).

The game continues until a player receives four points. Players can earn points by making mistakes or striking winners.

A player must win a set, which is of a sequence of games, by winning a minimum of six games. In men’s singles championship matches, the standard format is best of three or five sets. This point system makes tennis entertaining and strategic.

A view of a tennis scoreboard with players names

Winning a Game

Crucial Elements for Success

  • You need to score at least four points to win a game and to understand how is tennis scored.
  • Typical point scenarios in which the game is by winning the subsequent point consist of;
  • 40–30, 40–15, 40–love

Terms of Scoring

  • When there is a tie in the score, say all.
  • For instance, 30-all indicates a two-point victory for both players.

Dynamics of Games to Know How is Tennis Scored

  • When you get into a 40-30, 40-15, or 40-love position, you are in a winning position to take the next point.

It is helpful to understand and use the term all to communicate tied scores accurately.

Considering these points, you can track and attempt to win a tennis match.

A view of a person holding a tennis using a pull wrist shot

A Look at Types of Tennis Sets to Know How is Tennis Scored


The rules of what an advantage sets state that a player or team must win six games to win the set. Most importantly, they need to keep their two-game advantage over their rival. Even if the score is 6-6, a tiebreak game is not an allowance in this format. The endurance and combative character of this classic set format is by the fact that the set goes on until one team successfully gains a two-game advantage.


In contrast, a player or team must win six games in a tiebreak set to win the set. One player must win the next two games with a score of 5-5 (5-all) to secure victory. If the score ties at 6-6 (6-all), a tiebreak is to decide who will win the set. With the tiebreak game having the power to change the outcome of the set and match quickly, this format adds a crucial stage where players must demonstrate their abilities under stress.

A view of a tennis point break score hanging with a blurred image of a woman serving

Scoring a Tie Break Game

  • How is tennis scored is by the serve that begins on the deuce side and serves one break point in a tiebreak.
  • The opposition from the other side of the court serves the following two points, or in doubles, the player on the other team serves.
  • Every six points, the player’s switch ends (e.g., at 4-2).
  • Zero, one, two, and so on indicate scores until a team or a player reaches seven points.
  • The winner must lead by at least two points to win the tiebreak.
  • Scores vary greatly, ranging from 7–0 to 15–13.
  • A 7-6 victory in the tiebreak ensures the set, highlighting crucial match results.

A view of a guy standing beside tennis scoreboard

Final Thoughts on How is Tennis Scored

By now, you must have had an idea of how tennis is scored as we have given a comprehensive explanation. Right? Tennis players win games by obtaining at least four points under the sport’s particular point system. Play is done in sets, with the winner of a final set score needing to win six games with a lead of at least two games. A tiebreak determines the winner if both players advance to six games. A player must win by two points to win the game when there is a tie at 40-40. This situation is deuce. A tiebreak may be in use if a tie is in the last set in grand slam matches.

In conclusion, table tennis or tennis scoring criteria that you understand, such as breakpoints system and set wins the tiebreak, give the game more depth and make every point won essential to a player’s attempt to win the match.

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